This is a very dope release. AFRO should be very proud of himself. He is definitely a rapper that is rising fast. His flow is fantastic. The dude can ride a beat like no other. And Marco Polo does a fantastic job with providing some slamming beats for AFRO to rhyme over. It’s like the hard hitting drum and bass beats are exactly what was needed with this project. There’s a level of lyrical skill with AFRO that most rappers cannot touch. And the best part is that he is young so he is only going to get better. This project isn’t super long but neither are the attention spans of most listeners today. I think he kept it at a great length with 8 songs. And there’s not a bad track on this! There’s only one criticism I have with AFRO and it is super nitpicky. I think the thing that he lacks is the fact that his songs don’t really focus on a topic or tell a story. I think as a talented MC, one has to tell stories about certain topics and try to come up with themes for songs and album concepts. AFRO just seems to throw tons of words together and make it sound incredible. While this is a talent, it may be hard to stay around for the long haul. It’s a fine line walking that line between talent and commercial success and catering to 2 different audiences. Nonetheless, this project is great and I look forward to more work from AFRO. Well done.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#afro #afroallflows #marcopolo #marcopolobeats #afropolo



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