This album isn’t too bad for Juicy. It’s obviously what we have come to expect and appreciate from him. I think if you go into this project not expecting to be blown away and just expecting for more average Juicy J music, then you will get exactly what you wanted. As far as production, it’s decent for what it is. Nothing mind-blowing. Some nice party music. Something to ride around to. Lyrics are the same thing as well. Nothing that I was rewinding the tape to hear again. The one track that kind of stuck with me after hearing was “Road To Sri Lanka.” That one has a nice vibe to it. This is definitely an on par release for Juicy.

OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#juicyj #therealjuicyj #litinceylon #lic #tm88 #tgodmafia #three6mafia #36mafia #djblak #whoisdjblak

Juicy J-Lit In Ceylon


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