This release from Game partners with the A&E TV show by the same name. This is basically supposed to be the soundtrack to that show. Another solid release from Game. Again, I think he delivers the West Coast gangbanging lifestyle pretty accurately with this release (as if I’m some kind of expert in that). Nonetheless, this is what I want to hear from West Coast rappers. Game definitely tries to paint the picture of Compton pretty vividly. The beats on the album are pretty decent. It definitely gives a West Coast “riding” type of vibe. The rhymes are pretty good overall. Game is always pretty forceful with the things he says. I think the standout track is probably “Support Compton.” This seemed to be the track that stuck with me after hearing the project. Game seems to be pumping out the music recently and I will definitely take whatever music he is handing out.

OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


#thegame #game #streetsofcompton #soc #blackjesus #compton #bloodmoney



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