I definitely know who Craig G is and definitely know his legacy. I respect his contributions to the culture. He deserves respect. However, this project I definitely wasn’t feeling. The word that would best describe this album is forgettable. One project doesn’t define a person though. I do find myself getting sick of rappers talking about “how it used to be.” This seems to be a lot of what this project is. The rhymes are of a basic cadence. There aren’t really any memorable lines. The production is very basic and lacks any depth. It’s not a terrible listen, it’s just that nothing really sticks from this album. It really just made me want to throw “The Symphony” back on.

OVERALL RATING: 1 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#craigg #mc_craig_g #irapandgohome #irap&gohome #symphony #juicecrew



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