This album was good. I’d call it a good base to build upon for what an album should be. Torae is talented but definitely not the best MC ever. I think many people can agree with that statement. I think that being from Brooklyn definitely gives him more incentive to achieve because a lot of hip hop legends come from there. I think he definitely sets the stage with good stories and good production on this effort. If you look at the lineup of producers, it seems like there is no way it could fail. You have DJ Premier, Apollo Brown, Illmind, Nottz, and a host of others. As far as lyrics, I think that Torae is good but leaves the listener wanting some quotables. I can’t really recall a crazy Torae line that I want to rewind over and over again. Some of the stronger tracks on this album include the heavy, lyrical “Clap Shit Up” and the DJ Premier-produced “Saturday Night.” Torae definitely has it in him, but it’s just that he may need some more time to grow and refine his craft. This is an all around good project though.

OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#torae #thetorguide #toreezy #entitled #barrelbrothers



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