This was the one that EVERYONE was waiting for. The big one. Most anticipated album of the year. I definitely have to say it was worth the wait. We had been hearing rumors on it and getting leaked songs from it for weeks. The night before it leaked, it seemed like it took forever but it finally arrived. I think this is a very solid album overall. A lot of people wanted more rap and Drake brought more singing but I am not mad at that at all. It’s what he has done his whole career and it is what he is good at. I would have liked to have seen more rapping on this album but overall, I can’t complain. I think that the production is very good on the album. 40 does a great job and seems to create the exact tracks that fit into Drake’s catalog. I think that Drake’s content is good. I know that a lot of people think it is repetitive. Like how many times do we need to hear him crying about a girl? But I think he is being honest and genuine and it shows through. He does that a lot better than a lot of these other horrible rappers out here today. When he raps, it is very strong. “Weston Road Flows” and the title track “Views” are among the best on the album. I also think a lot of the tracks have a summertime, upbeat feel to them such as “With You” featuring PARTYNEXTDOOR. These 3 are the standout tracks on the album. I think that this is another very strong brick on the house that Drake built. Granted, this will be one that you will have to be in the mood to listen to, it will deliver when you are in that certain mood.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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