This was a surprisingly good mixtape. Most times when I pick up a project, I have low expectations. This album really surpassed those. Jag has been down with Cassidy for awhile and I have checked out a lot of his work and he doesn’t usually disappoint. I was really thinking this would just be another sub par piece of work but, he really came through on this one, to the point where it almost sounds like a studio album. The production is very good and very consistent. There are a lot of hard boom-bap beats. The lyrics are very complex and his flow his very succinct. It’s refreshing when a rapper can keep his flow with the beat, have complex rhyme schemes, and also have deep content which tells a story. Jag does that on basically every track on this project. This is just a great listen the whole way through. I didn’t find myself wanting to skip through it at all.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#chubbyjag #jag #bodybagjag #cassidy #mrchicken #scatteredthoughts #scatteredthoughts2



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