What a fantastic surprise! This mixtape is a sure fire banger. Meyhem Lauren has been down with Action Bronson for awhile and we have heard him pop up on songs here and there. A full project from Meyhem is something that everyone has definitely been waiting for. The beats are slamming on this mixtape from beginning to end. It was great to see production from Large Professor and DJ Muggs. They rhymes are fresh and rich. The features include Action Bronson and Roc Marciano. This is just a great mix of talent and a great outcome. The sound of the project reminds me of running around in a golden track suit in the mid 80s through New York City: gaudy, rich, and in-your-face. This is a must-hear for anyone that is an Action Bronson and Meyhem Lauren fan.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#meyhemlauren #actionbronson #piattodoro #meyhem_lauren #harry_fraud #action_bronson



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