The Horse Shoe Gang have always been known as very talented lyricists and they deliver a very good project with their latest album. A lot of their past projects have been decent, but just haven’t fully delivered as far as an album or mixtape should. There is no question that these dudes always deliver on the lyrics side but sometimes their beats suffer or just general song concepts aren’t there. But with this album, I believe they have a good concept and most definitely deliver with the lyrics. The album Intro and “Shoe-icide Squad” are some stand out tracks on this project. “Falling” is also a very good introspective track laid over a very smooth, eerie beat. I think the Horse Shoe gang are definitely on the right track with this album. I’m hoping that they will continue to progress, develop their West Coast sound, and continue their lyrical onslaught.

OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#horseshoegang #antitrapmusic #COB #foreverCOB #COBboyz #shoegang #ssuutt2x #lbc #slaughterhouse #kngcrook #crookedintriago #crookedi #kxngcrooked #crookedirobot

Horse Shoe Gang


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