The highly anticipated album has finally arrived. Royce offers a very good project with this album. I’ve always viewed Royce as sort of like in the Ivy League of rappers. He is so intelligent and such a good lyricist. He’s also so cocky but in a laid-back way. He’ll let you sound stupid and then complete berate you with an onslaught of bars to show you how dumb you are. Layers is a very introspective look at Royce’s life currently. He raps about divorce from his wife, raising children, and dealing with alcoholism. Some of the tracks that were on the Trust The Shooter project show up on this project but I am not even mad at that. The album is very consistent and cohesive. It definitely deserves a few listens. You can’t soak it all in on one listen. While I definitely don’t think this is a classic, it’s a strong effort from an artist that deserves your respect.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

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