Currensy has been on fire recently with releasing material. Sometimes the more an artist releases, the more their art suffers. This mixtape, however, is a pretty decent offering. I feel that this mixtape is more of what a mixtape should be. It’s a rapper rapping over beats that are already out in the mainstream arena. I like the fact that Currensy picked a lot of older, more classic beats. He even got some that you don’t normally hear on mixtapes to rap over. I think that was the main key in making this project good. For example, who do you ever hear that raps over Domino’s “Ghetto Jam” nowadays? A bold move like this makes things fresher. While I never felt that Currensy was the greatest lyricist, his lazy, laid back approach to rhyming is sometimes captivating. I think die hard Currensy fans will definitely appreciate this project. Although this was a good offering, I don’t forsee myself picking this one back up to play over and over. This is sort of a one stop shop to be enjoyed.

OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#currensy_spitta #andretti #jetlife #neworleans #spittaandretti #canalstreetconfidential #currensy #currensyspitta #taylorgang #currency #weedandinstrumentals



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