This album was definitely disappointing. I keep thinking in my head that Lil Kim is still the old Lil Kim from the late 90s instead of the way she looks today. Her face looks like an unsolved Rubik’s Cube. I know that Lil Kim has it in her to come up with some clever lyrics. This offering however does not show it at all. She is simply rapping or singing over whatever “hot” beats are out today. Another horrible attempt at staying relevant by old school artists who were once great. My advice would be to stick to what made you great. Do not sell out to the masses. This was very disappointing all around. I’ll give her a cheesesteak for once being great and being from Brooklyn but that is about it on this release.

OVERALL RATING: 1 out of 5 Cheesesteaks

#lilkim #lilkimseason #brooklyn

Lil Kim - Lil Kim Season


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