This album wasn’t too impressive. I have long been a Killah Priest fan but this album simply didn’t do it for me. Paired with the group the Vendetta Kingz, this album doesn’t bring much to the table. I always appreciate the religious and spacey universal rhymes of Killah Priest and he does shine on this album, but the biggest downfall is probably the lyricism of the Vendetta Kingz. It almost sounds as if they are trying to mimic Killah Priest’s style but falling short. As far as production, there are some good tracks on this album. Combining lyricism, production, and overall cohesiveness, I feel that this album definitely falls short. If  you are a die hard Killah Priest fan, then give it a whirl. If not, skip to the next album in your playlist.

OVERALL RATING: 2 out of 5 Cheesesteaks


#vendettakingz #killahpriest #thefreedommovement #wutangclan #hiphoplegend #undergroundhiphop #spiritualhiphop #photography #VK #vkallday



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